Tuesday june 28 2022

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Startup pitch
16.00 - 16.15

Removing the bottleneck for more flexibility: Unlocking flexibility through one single API

As energy assets become more diverse and numerous, connecting to assets and managing solutions is becoming more challenging. FAN identified in one of its previous reports the lack of a standardized API to connect to energy assets. This slows down innovation, increases the costs to unlock flexibility and creates a vendor lock-in. Furthermore, with increasing cybersecurity risks an asset owner needs to be in control of its data flows. In this presentation Withthegrid presents the benefits of an open source based generic API through its Teleport gateway.

Presented by Paul Mignot, WiththeGrid

Paul Mignot - WiththeGrid

About Paul Mignot

Paul Mignot, CEO & founder of Withthegrid. Worked at one of the largest Dutch grid operators where he witnessed first hand the challenges of realizing a new and fully renewable energy system. After winning the first prize at an Intel hackathon in Amsterdam, Withthegrid was born. In his spare time he likes to run very long distances or spend time with his family.

About WiththeGrid

Withthegrid provides an asset monitoring and control platform for energy infrastructure and connected assets. It's teleport gateway can connect to any smart grid asset and provide monitoring and control functionality through one API. Its monitoring solution is used by leading infrastructure owners in electricity, gas, district heating and water sector.


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