Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 2
14.10 - 14.40

BEMS & Smart charging: a multi asset approach towards comfort at the lowest possible cost

As a result of a more and more congested distribution grids, and with time-of-use energy prices on the rise, “smart” charging infrastructure becomes an increasing necessity for prosumers & SME’s. Under that smart hood, a wide array of techniques are commercially available today however.  A future proof solution should handle multiple assets (cars, but also storage, HP, ..) and should plan for multiple purposes (peaks, ToU, AC, ..). At VITO/EnergyVille we are preaching model predictive control, compared to AI or rule-based solutions in order to avoid lack-of-data-issues and expensive yet biased learning curves. Our technology is currently tested at different commercial customer sites. We love to show you some of our results, and tell you why we believe we are on the right track.


About Thomas Polfliet

Thomas Polfliet (1984) is a business development manager at VITO/EnergyVille, an applied research institute dedicated to the key knowledge areas of the energy transition. Thomas’ main responsibility consist of validating EnergyVille’s technology (TRL 1-5) in the market and find commercial applications for it.  He comes for the supplier industry and connects with the BEMS industry and electricity grid operators on daily basis and has an extensive view on the challenges that both low voltage grid operators and H/BEMS providers are currently facing.

About Energyville

EnergyVille is a collaboration between the Belgian research partners KU Leuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt in the fields of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems. EnergyVille develops technology and knowledge to support public and private stakeholders in the transition to an energy efficient, decarbonised and sustainable urban environment. The unique complementarity of the research partners allows us to integrate the energy system value chain in its entirety, ranging from materials and components to the level of entire energy systems, business models and strategies. Our activities are clustered in eight interdisciplinary domains: solar energy, battery storage, power electronics, power-to-molecules, thermal systems, electrical networks, energy for buildings and districts, energy strategies and markets.


About Vito

At VITO, our aim is a society where sustainability is the norm. We are working on global projects to promote the transition to sustainability. We create innovative technological solutions and actively share our knowledge with businesses and government bodies.


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