Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 1
11.50 - 12.20

Non-technical drivers and barriers related to Energy Flexibility for consumers and industry

In this presentation TNO will highlight the design and adoption of flexibility means for example (industrial) heat pumps, PV, EV and home batteries from a consumer and industry perspective. Providing flexibility through these assets can strengthen business cases for consumers as well as industry. In several national (e.g., Kickstart, GO-E) and European projects (Bright) the adoption of assets and flexibility means are explored on the non-technical drivers and barriers that consumers and industry experience. Based on new insights in these drivers and barriers improved designs for assets and means are developed to boost adoption of these assets and flexibility means.

Presented by Nicole de Koning and Kevin Broecks from TNO.

Nicole de Koning - TNO

About Nicole de Koning

Nicole de Koning is leader of the Social Innovation knowledge program at TNO. She has a background in cognitive science. Her research focuses on citizen and consumer engagement to accelerate the energy transition. She works on both national and European projects.

Kevin Broecks - TNO

About Kevin Broecks

Kevin Broecks is a researcher at the Energy Transition Studies group of TNO. He has a background in innovation sciences, with a PhD in the public communication of Carbon Capture and Storage. His research focuses on the sustainability of businesses, including how they adopt technologies, include the public in their activities and help or hamper the transformation of industry.

About TNO

TNO is an independent research organisation. We believe in the joint creation of economic and social value. We focus on transitions or changes in nine social themes. Energy is one of these themes; ‘Faster towards a sustainable energy supply'.


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