Monday june 27 2022

Track 3
10.00 - 10.30

Energy Communities

The role of energy communities in the electricity system is growing, and with the Renewable Energy Directive every EU country is urged to create a regulative space for energy communities. In this presentation we will elaborate on what energy communities are, what activities they can participate in and what value they can generate. Added to that, we will show what an energy community in the Netherlands can entail in practice.

Presented by André Zeijseink & Jasmine Kleij

André Zeijseink

About André Zeijseink

André Zeijseink combined a chemical technical education with a follow-up education on business administration (MBA). This provided him with very good skills for consulting clients not only on the technical, but also with a good perspective on economic or legal aspects. In 2017 André Zeijseink decided to expand his activities further into the field of energy transition by founding Translyse B.V. Here, he aims to facilitate a smooth, sensible energy transition, both from a techno-economical and social point of view.

Jasmijn Kleij

About Jasmijn Kleij

Jasmijn Kleij studied Innovation Sciences at Techical University of Eindhoven. During her studies she followed a track in renewable energy and smart grids. In her function as Innovation analyst at TKI Urban Energy she is working on stimulating innovation in the energy sector. She is mainly active on the topic of Smart Energy Systems.

About TKI Urban Energy

TKI Urban Energy stimulates the development of innovations for a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in the built environment. Under the banner of the Top Sector Energy, TKI Urban Energy is working on forming promising partnerships between Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and other parties.

TKI Urban Energy

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