Monday june 27 2022

Track 3
15.30 - 16.00

Lessons learned from delivering residential demand response at commercial scale

A glimpse into Tibber’s pioneering residential demand response activity, learnings and challenges in the Nordics. This includes, amongst other things; delivering FCR on a continual daily basis at 10s of MW scale with aggregated EV wall boxes together with delivering local flexibility via the NODES platform.

Presented by Jacob Dalton and Joakim Salqvist from Tibber

Jacob Dalton Tibber

About Jacob Dalton

Jacob Dalton is the Head of Trading and Home Energy Management at Tibber. The team is responsible for short term power trading and maximising the value from residential flexibility. Having started in 2018, Jacob has been responsible for the development of Tibber’s demand response strategy and technology from theory to execution.

Joakim Salqvist

About Joakim Salqvist

Joakim Salqvist is a power trader at Tibber, responsible for day-to-day trading operations. With a wealth of experience from both Nordic TSOs and a leading trading house, Joakim is deeply involved in developing and executing strategies to leverage Tibber’s flexible assets.

About Tibber

Tibber is a digital electricity retailer active in Norway, Sweden, Germany and recently launched in the Netherlands. Currently serving 400,000 customers, Tibber has a goal of empowering 10 million Europeans to save 20% off their energy consumption by 2025. Tibber offers wholesale spot prices to customers with a zero profit margin model, instead charging a fixed fee of €4 per month. Leveraging this model, Tibber is able to deliver services such as smart charging and smart heating to customers together with grid services to both TSOs and DSOs.


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