Monday june 27 2022

Track 3
15.00 - 15.30

Are you flexible enough?

Flexibility in energy is all about the integration of different systems. Data-driven grid management requires insight, effective use of proven solutions and innovative ways to bring it all together. Technolution Spark provides an open, flexible platform for connecting energy system sensors of different types and manufacturers. This edge computing solution handles data acquisition as well as local pre-processing and communication with the back office (e.g. the grid operator’s). The various applications can be easily and safely implemented through a common system architecture, which sets a new standard for flexibility in energy systems.

Presented by Winifred Roggekamp, Principal Consultant at Technolution.

Winifred Roggekamp - Technolution

About Winifred Roggekamp

Winifred has been working for Technolution for twenty years, the last years as a principal consultant within the business unit Energy & IoT. His main task is translating customer and market demands into the functional requirements of products (electronics and technical software) and consulting on energy issues such as security and flexibility.

About Technolution

Technolution combines decades of experience in system development, technology integration and electronics with a thorough knowledge of physics. We look forward to helping you rise to the challenge of keeping the energy supply working and to use it optimally and flexibly. The high reliability that is required of systems in the energy sector is reflected in our calm, quality-focused approach. Our expertise is improving and renewing existing infrastructure by adding tailor-made solutions through new technologies.


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