Monday june 27 2022

Track 2
13.40 - 14.10

Unlocking the value of Flexibility

The energy transition leads to new challenges for managing the electricity system. Volatile electricity prices point out the economic interest of flexibilities and capacities. For market participants there is an opportunity to progress towards smarter portfolio management to capture the whole value of their assets. As a market player, optimization of your systems and processes becomes more and more important. We will present methods to optimize your assets and calculate the value of their flexibility by highlighting a specific case study. Plus highlight what’s needed to unlock this flexibility potential.

Presented by Jeroen de Laat from SIA partners

Jeroen de Laat - SIA partners

About Jeroen de Laat

Jeroen de Laat is Associate Partner Energy & Industry at Sia Partners. He has an MSc degree in Business Administration and over 15 years experience in Energy Consulting.

As Associate Partner, Jeroen is leading the Energy & Industry practice of Sia Partners in the Netherlands. Jeroen worked within the full energy value chain and gained in-depth industry knowledge working over 15 years in the energy domain. These skills combined with his enthusiasm, sense of humor, good eye for details and in depth industry-knowledge make Jeroen an all-round advisor for companies in the Energy & Industry sector.

About SIA partners

Sia Partners is a next-generation consulting firm focused on delivering superior value and tangible results to clients as they navigate the digital revolution.

SIA partners

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