Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 3
11.50 - 12.20

Flex in a Box

Utilities, grid operators and energy suppliers all over the world are challenged by the energy transition, in fields like congestion management and portfolio optimization. Rolf Bienert form OpenADR will elaborate on how OpenADR can help in benefiting from Energy Flexibility, and will discuss some examples of OpenADR's European and worldwide implementations.

Presented by Rolf Bienert from OpenADR

Rolf Bienert - OpenADR

About Rolf Bienert

Rolf Bienert is the technical and managing director of the OpenADR Alliance. In this position he overseas all activities of the non-profit and guides the development of the standard. Rolf has a background in Telecom and has spend the last 17 years in standards development, 12+ of which with energy related systems. Rolf holds an MS in Electrical Engineering – Telecommunications.

About OpenADR

OpenADR is set of standards for energy management. The typical use is to send information and signals to cause electrical power-using devices to change their energy consumption or feed-in during periods of high demand of high production.


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