Monday june 27 2022

Track 2
15.00 - 15.30

Paving the way for flexibility and shaping the energy market of the future

NODES released its integrated marked design in 2018 and has since been demonstrating how this market design can pave the way for flexibility and shape the energy markets of the future.  The presentation will focus on the market design and the learnings we see from projects in Europe and North America. A market design that allows all types of flexibility to be sold bottom-up and bought top down. Giving all assets, and all flexibility technologies, the opportunity to compete on equal terms in an open and transparent market.

Presented by Richard Sarti, CEO of NODES

Richard Sarti - NODES

About Richard Sarti

Richard Sarti is CEO of NODES. He joined NODES AS from Nord Pool where over the past 10 years he successfully set up and lead the development of Nord Pool’s Exchange and commercial activities in the GB Wholesale Electricity Market. Prior to Nord Pool, Richard spent 10 years working within Market Data, Energy Trading and Risk Management Software Sales. Richard’s expertise resides in Business Development, Trading and Sales Management, he is an Alumni from London Business School, where he completed the Senior Executive Program, focusing on Leadership, Strategy and Transformation.



NODES is the independent marketplace for a sustainable energy future where grid owners, producers and consumers of energy can trade decentralised flexibility and energy. NODES, as an independent market operator, is addressing key trends and challenges in the energy system such as increased share of renewable power production, decentralised generation and the rapid change of the customer behaviour. NODES vision is to build Europe’s most customer-centric, integrated energy marketplace to unlock the value of local flexible power resources and support the drive to a sustainable, emission free future. NODES mission is to facilitate optimal use of flexibility in the grid by offering an open, integrated marketplace to all flexibility providers and grid operators.


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