Monday june 27 2022

Track 3
10.30 - 11.00

From the market model choice to daily operation: the flexibility journey of a System Operator

Through a multitude of breakthrough pilot projects demonstrated across various countries, N-SIDE has supported multiple TSOs and DSOs along their flexibility journey, from the choice of the most appropriate market design, including the coordination, to the continuous operation of local flexibility markets with our solutions. Julian Le Baut from N-SIDE will discuss:

  • The main challenges addressed in each phase of the flexibility journey.
  • The key challenges related to the organization of optimal flexibility markets with multiple buyers and different roles and responsibility.
  • Different approaches to organizing a flexibility market and alleviating challenges such as inc dec strategies.
N-SIDE - Julien Le Baut

About Julien Le Baut

Julien is a Senior Business Developer at N-SIDE, with a strong technical background and international experience in the Energy sector. He is passionate about the role played by advanced analytics and energy markets in accelerating the energy transition.

He has a demonstrated history of working in the innovation applied to the energy sector, both in Austria and in France, and in particular with system operators. Julien holds a master degree in Energy Engineering from Grenoble INP.

About N-SIDE

N-SIDE provides easy to use and cutting-edge software for clients around the world. Our passionate team of innovative engineers, computer scientists, and business experts from over 30 countries are ready to help solve your most complex challenges.


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