Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 3
13.10 - 13.40

How thousands of electric cars are actively contributing to a stable grid today

The growing share of EVs and renewables being connected to the grid is increasing the volatility of demand and supply and the prices on the range of energy markets. Fluctuations are growing in magnitude and they occur more often, increasing the need for assets to provide flexibility. Why buy a wall battery pack if a battery of easily 5 times the capacity is standing right in front of your home: EVs that form part of the problem can be used to become part of the solution. In this talk, from the perspective of an aggregator, Jedlix will further elaborate on the experiences and challenges in the adoption of decentralized assets to be used for grid stability coming from a centralized power production system.

Bas Lottman - Jedlix

About Bas Lottman

Bas Lottman is the product manager VPP of smart charging software company Jedlix. In his role Bas is responsible for translating Jedlix’ vision and customer needs regarding the Virtual Power Plant into concrete steps towards realization. Before, Bas worked in the role as Data Analyst at Jedlix. He holds a MSc degree in Energy, Flow and Process Technology from the Technical University of Delft. With running a small rallye event company during his time Delft he has acquired some entrepreneurial experience.

About Jedlix

Jedlix develops and operates a smart charging platform to optimize the charging & discharging of electric vehicles and facilitate their insertion into the power grid at scale. Jedlix teams up with energy partners, charging point operators & e-mobility service providers, car OEMs to reduce the total cost of ownership of Electric Vehicles, monetize the flexibility of their charging & discharging process on energy and balancing markets, and optimize the use of renewable energy.


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