Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 2
13.40 - 14.10

Monetizing Flex: saving 15% energy cost via smart water treatment and active energy network management

HYDROFLEX (water treatment): Recently we have implemented our flex solution to steer the pumps of a water producer. The objective is to adapt the consumption to market prices, taking into account the water production process SANO (DSO) : we have a solution that dynamically manages the power a network may support. This helps to avoid curtailment from the DSO by sending acceptable injected power to owner of renewable energy assets every 5 minutes.

Presented by Eric Vermeulen from Haulogy

Eric Vermeulen - Haulogy

About Eric Vermeulen

Eric Vermeulen is one of the founders of haulogy, Belgium. He is today in charge of the Innovation and Business Development in the new energy markets. He is also board member of the Cluster Tweed, Regional association in the Energy sector.

About Haulogy

In the context of the energy transition, haulogy successfully contributes to the business transformation objectives of its customers in the energy and utilities sector by offering modular and scalable management  software and consulting services in a long-term partnership approach. The solutions and services proposed by haulogy address several markets ( distribution, supply, e-mobility, flexibility, energy sharing) and players (DSO’s, retailers, B2B consumer, BRP’s, aggregator, e-mobility service providers,…). With a presence in 3 EU Countries, haulogy today employs above 130 people and has a turnover of around 15 MEUR.


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