Monday june 27 2022

Track 1
10.00 - 10.30

You are Energy: Individual Access to the Energy Market

Rita Desmyter will present Grid Singularity’s technology, developed with a mission to build a sustainable, inclusive and democratic energy market that facilitates the ultimate degrees of freedom for the individual and the energy communities, allowing you to consume, trade or share energy based on your preferences of an energy type, location source, price or trading partner.

Rita Desmyter - Grid Singularity

About Rita Desmyter

Rita Desmyter is Senior Business Development Associate at Grid Singularity, working at the intersection of market and product. Prior to joining Grid Singularity, Rita worked as Business Developer and Research Project Manager at the research consultancy company Delta-EE, where she specialised in Flexibility Markets and Local Energy Systems. Earlier, she founded three companies in the food industry in the Philippines, and a digital communications agency in France. She holds a Masters Degree in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and a Bachelor’s in Law, Economics and Management from Montpellier University, France.

About Grid Singularity

Grid Singularity is an awarded, open source energy technology startup, placing the individual and the environment at the centre of the energy market by developing the energy exchange and cofounding the Energy Web Foundation (EWF). Grid Singularity simulates and operates interconnected grid-aware energy marketplaces, facilitating market participation by connecting aggregators and grid operators through an application interface.

Grid Singularity

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