Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 2
11.20 - 11.50

Empowering Decarbonisation with Demand-side Flexibility

Presented by Daniele Andreoli from Enel X.

Daniele Andreoli - Enel X

About Daniele Andreoli

With more than twenty years of experience in the sector, Daniele is a senior expert on Energy matters who worked at Enel S.p.A. on different projects and with increasing levels of responsibilities within the area of energy trading, energy management, retail portfolio management and renewables. He joined, always within Enel, the eSolutions project aimed to develop new solutions and services for the customers as responsible for optimization and flexibility solutions as a global product line. Currently, Daniele is Head of the Demand Response Global Business Line at Enel X and manages the P/L of the business which boasts a portfolio of 7,7 GW of flexible assets across 16 different countries worldwide.

Daniele is an engineer, holding a master's degree in Business Administration from an international university based in Germany.

About Enel X

Enel X is the global business line of Enel Group. We are leading the energy transformation all over the world, turning complex technologies into simple, approachable, effective solutions that enable everyone to transform energy into new opportunities for sustainable growth and progress.

Enel X

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