Monday june 27 2022

Track 2
13.10 - 13.40

Enabling consumer-centric services at scale

In its role as market facilitator, Elia wants to empower consumers to co-create new B2C services with external parties. In this co-creation process, barriers are brought down and the required enablers such as “access to data in a seamless and trusted way” or “the exchange of energy blocks allowing P2P exchanges or energy supply on asset level” are being developed. These ideas sprout during the last Elia Group Hackathon in view of growing into mature products. In this session we will present a specific use case, its enablers and how these actions support the emergence of new B2C services.

Matthias Masschelin - Elia

About Matthias Masschelin

Matthias Masschelin has 12 years of experience at Elia where he took on different roles in the context of Elia's task to operate the Belgian electricity system and its role as market facilitator. For a few years, he was involved in the development of the ancillary services and he was responsible for the team of system operators in the national control centre who monitor the balance of the grid in real time. A one year experience at Centrica gave him a taste of the role as product manager within the energy sector. Currently Matthias works as Manager Energy as Services where he develops and co-creates together with external market parties, services empowering the end consumer. The sole objective: enabling the energy transition.

About Elia

Elia Transmission Belgium (Elia) is the Belgian electricity transmission system operator for high-voltage (30 kV to 70 kV) and extra-high voltage (110 kV to 400 kV).  It develops, builds and operates a robust electricity transmission system, both on- and offshore, and is responsible to devising services and mechanisms which supports the development of electricity markets at national and EU levels. Elia is part of Elia Group, which encompasses Elia in Belgium and 50Hertz Transmission GmbH in Germany.


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