Monday june 27 2022

Track 2
10.00 - 10.30

Updating the current market design to fully empower consumers

Delivering a power system enabling energy services at scale will require an update in the current market design. On the one hand an “exchange of energy blocks” hub, a regulated exchange platform allowing decentralized exchange of energy on a 15-minute basis between consumers and various market actors. On the other hand, the implementation of a robust price signal reflecting the system condition in real-time, which consumers can use as reference to optimise their consumption and offering/delivering energy services. In this session, we will present the key market design aspects and concrete elements under development to support this vision.

Amandine Leroux - Elia

About Amandine Leroux

Amandine Leroux (1983) - joined Elia in 2016. Within the Customers Department, Amandine is Key Account Manager Energy, currently responsible for the implementation of the Consumer-Centric market model, an upgraded market design with the ambition to trigger innovative energy solutions while empowering the consumer.
Amandine has an experience of 9 years in design and implementation of balancing and
system services. She graduated in Electricity-Electronics Engineering at Université de Liège in 2006.

About Anna Tsiokanos

Anna Tsiokanos (1980) joined Elia in 2005. Within the Markets department, Anna is currently responsible for the development of market and product evolutions putting the consumer at the center and aiming at fostering the integration of decentralised flexibility into the electricity markets. Anna has an experience of 10 years on demand side flexibility. She graduated in Electrical Engineering – orientation Energy at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2004.

About Elia

Elia Transmission Belgium (Elia) is the Belgian electricity transmission system operator for high-voltage (30 kV to 70 kV) and extra-high voltage (110 kV to 400 kV).  It develops, builds and operates a robust electricity transmission system, both on- and offshore, and is responsible to devising services and mechanisms which supports the development of electricity markets at national and EU levels. Elia is part of Elia Group, which encompasses Elia in Belgium and 50Hertz Transmission GmbH in Germany.


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