Monday june 27 2022

Track 1
13.40 - 14.10

Accelerating EV and Solar by combining power demand management (SmoothEMS) with an extra safety net (Gridshield)

With the SmoothEMS with Gridshield project, we are researching and testing technology that allows us to accelerate the energy transition by making optimal use of the existing power grid. By combining power demand management (SmoothEMS) with an extra safety net (Gridshield), more charging points for electric cars and solar panels can be installed more quickly. This is a solution for any building with many users and fluctuating energy demand (and supply) that wants to become more sustainable quickly.

Presented by Marisca Zweistra from Elaad

Marisca Zweistra - Elaad

About Marisca Zweistra

Dr. ir. Marisca Zweistra is project and programme manager Smart Charging at ElaadNL. Knowledge and innovation centre ElaadNL is researching and testing the possibilities for Smart Charging: smart and sustainable charging of electric cars. ElaadNL is an initiative of the joint Dutch grid operators. Zweistra has knowledge of Open Data, open source, privacy and energy legislation and is an active member of the Smart Charging Working Group of the National Charging Infrastructure Agenda. Zweistra is, among other things, project leader of Flexpower Amsterdam and of the multi-year cooperation project SmoothEMS with Gridshield.

About SmoothEMS

SmoothEMS with Gridshield is a collaboration between the University of Twente, Kropman Installatietechniek, Amperapark, MENNEKES eMobility, a.s.r. insurance and ElaadNL.

The affiliated partners come from the entire chain and are thinkers, makers and users. All knowledge is now available to further develop SmoothEMS with Gridshield into a system that can set a new standard. Our motivation? Practice what you preach: we want to use technology to accelerate the energy transition. In this way we enable more charging points for electric cars and the installation of solar panels more quickly.

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