Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 2
10.00 - 10.30

2021 European Market Monitor for Demand Side Flexibility

Presented by Lucinda Murley from Delta-EE

Lucinda Murley - Delta-EE

About Lucinda Murley

Lucinda is the Flexibility Research Service Manager and a technical expert in flexibility markets. She has a deep technical understanding of European flexibility markets, acts as technical advisor on consultancy projects and was the lead author for the smartEN/Delta-EE Flexibility Market Monitor 2021.

In her role Lucinda supports a variety of clients, from executives in multinational vertically integrated utilities, to developer teams in start-up organisations. Lucinda works across the whole delivery life cycle including strategy, planning, delivery, change and reviews with the flexibility landscape.

About Delta-EE

Delta-EE is a rapidly growing research and consulting company.  We are at the heart of the transformation of energy markets to a more distributed, customer-centric, low carbon future, and are the leading European provider of independent expertise on 'new energy'. Delta-EE's Flexibility Research Service provides data, analysis and opinion that enable you to evolve the right positioning and to identify, understand and capture the growing opportunities from demand side flexibility.


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