Monday june 27 2022

Track 1
10.30 - 11.00

Why is pan-European flexibility so difficult and what can we do about it?

The role of aggregators has been encouraged by EU regulations to support the growth of flexibility, but pan-European flexibility still appears impractical. This session will identify the impediments to taking an existing business model into new markets, introduce a framework for thinking strategically about the challenges, and determine whether pan-European flexibility is the panacea we are looking for, or whether seeking it will open a Pandora’s Box.

Presented by Jon Ferris from Delta-EE.

Jon Ferris Delta-EE

About Jon Ferris

Jon has 16 years’ experience engaging consumers and distributed assets in energy markets. He spent 12 years managing a €1bn wholesale trading book on behalf of C&I consumers, working with retailers to develop new contracts enabling market access for smaller consumers and was also responsible for delivery of market intelligence, procurement and bill validation. This breadth of responsibilities, anchored in wholesale energy trading, gave Jon a unique insight into the interactions between markets and policy, and a detailed understanding of the cost structures of the energy system. Jon was a member of the Power Responsive forum, representing the TPI sector, and is a member of the UK ISGAN team. Jon has also worked on local energy markets including a p2p curtailment market on Orkney, demand response optimisation in South Korea, and oversaw market design for the PFER Smart Local Energy System detailed design for a Regional Energy System Operator. He is a frequent commentator on the energy industry, and a regular speaker at industry events.

About Delta-EE

Delta-EE is a rapidly growing research and consulting company.  We are at the heart of the transformation of energy markets to a more distributed, customer-centric, low carbon future, and are the leading European provider of independent expertise on 'new energy'. Delta-EE's Flexibility Research Service provides data, analysis and opinion that enable you to evolve the right positioning and to identify, understand and capture the growing opportunities from demand side flexibility.


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