Monday june 27 2022

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How to prevent Silicon Valley-like domination in the new Energy shere?

Apple and Android control the smartphone market and have absolute control over their app stores. Uber took over the market of taxis. Google and Meta are dominant in media and advertising. Gorillas, Flink and Zapp are the new kids on the block... do we want that in the Energy Sphere and if not, how can we prevent this from happening? Xander Smit shares the observations and thoughts he experienced in his role as secretary of 'Club van Wageningen'. A group of Dutch change agents and influential pioneers that want to retain public values like inclusivity, fairness and democracy in our new decentralized digital energy system of the future.

Presented by Xander Smit

Xander Smit

About Xander Smit

Xander Smit works on an 'internet of energy' for all. He works with people from the government and the business community who share the ambition to develop new solutions and at the same time dare to ask questions based on the public interest. Xander has a strong view on the impact of digitalization, both the chances and the risks.

About Club van Wageningen

The Club van Wageningen is a network of influential Dutch pioneers from energy companies, network operators, science, prosumers, the government and start-ups that want to change the energy system whilst maintaining the core values of fairness, inclusiveness and democratic governance. Common belief: we can only solve the immensely complex issue of the digitizing energy transition with all actors in the energy system.


Club van Wageningen
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