Tuesday june 28 2022

Track 1
15.00 - 15.30

TROEF: Contribute to the Internet of Energy!

Together with partners as Tymlez and OrangeNXT, BAM is developing the 'Internet of Energy', a platform which enables energy exchange between energy communities and additionally unlocks flexibility for different services. Curious how BAM does this? In this Flexcon seminar Dennis van Goch will take you through the principles of the Internet of Energy and the possibilities for connecting an energy community. We would like to invite you to discuss with us the opportunities and barriers for connecting energy communities to the Internet of Energy. Are you willing to contribute with your energy community in the Internet of Energy?

Presented by Dennis van Goch from Bam Energy Systems.

Dennis van Goch - Bam Energy Systems

About Dennis van Goch

Dennis is a Program Manager, Engineer (PDEng, MSc) & Innovation Leader experienced in (international) multidisciplinary projects related to smart energy buildings & cities. Creating a healthy, sustainable and connected society is what drives him. He believes that we have the opportunity to deliver on the smart city promise, based on a user centred approach supported by the exchange of data and energy. He achieves his goals by combining a strong scientific background in building simulation, renewables and innovation with experience in business development and program management.

About Bam Energy Systems

BAM Energy Systems aims to accelerate the energy transition from the perspective of the built environment. With a data driven team and solutions we decrease the energy consumption of our clients while maintaining comfort. Additionally, we explore the role of our buildings in our rapidly changing energy system. What challenges can we tackle with the use of our energy assets? What is the added value of utilizing buildings in smart grids? At BAM we believe buildings have a key role in the energy system of the future.

Bam energy systems

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