Monday june 27 2022

Track 3
11.20 - 11.50

Future sustainable business parcs are flexible and smart

A business parc in Bleiswijk, Greenparc, faced various problems with regards to the energy transition. Putting in place smart buildings who use their smart assets to provide flexibility to the grid combined with a local capacity market was the solution and we are happy to share the results from the running Pilot.

Stefan Lodeweyckx - Aug.e

About Stefan Lodeweyckx

Stefan is a high tech energy entrepreneur who has more than 10 years of experience building
businesses related to smart grid energy management. He is the engine and the strategist of the aug-e team. Maturing and scaling aug-e is his mission.

About Aug.e

Aug·e stands for 'Augmented Energy'. The physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly convergent. As aug.e controls and manages all the energy flows in your building, it always has its finger on the pulse, making it the ultimate assistant when it comes to managing and running your properties.


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