Monday june 27 2022

Track 1
10.00 - 10.30

Optimising Work and Home Charging: Now versus What it could be

The presentation will review in a broader context the opportunities from optimising charging behaviour in relation to building grid capacity, demand response, utility prices, fleet needs, solar production, and battery management. This will showcase the portfolio of solutions related to energy needs, but also cost optimisation in the fleet scenario, and shift in how consumer behavior will change in regards to energy consumption in the near future.

Presented by Alexander Petkov from AMPECO.

Alexander Petkov

About Alexander Petkov

Alexander is proactively seeking technical partnerships with relevant 3rd
party providers to resolve complex scenarios in the EV charging world and provide better solutions to CPOs and eMSPs using the Ampeco platform.

About Ampeco

AMPECO is a software company and we provide a white-label and hardware agnostic EV charging management platform bundled with white-label EV driver apps. We strive to deliver an amazing product and high-quality service to companies who need to manage their EV charging infrastructure, processes and efficient energy use.


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