Tuesday june 28 2022

Drinks & Networking
16.30 - 18.00

Join us for Drinks & Networking - sponsored by NieuweStroom

About NieuweStroom

NieuweStroom helps business by linking their energy consumption one-to-one to the public dynamic prices of the spot markets for electricity and gas. We charge no risk premiums, as with fixed prices; we apply a small surcharge per kWh/m3 to cover our costs. The day trading exchange continues to offer the greatest opportunity for the best price. Real-time energy insight can help to shift your energy usage to cheaper times. The more businesses make use of dynamic stock market prices, the better we can balance the energy system and more produced renewable energy fits in our physical electricity network. This is essential for the energy transition to succeed as quickly and cheaply as possible. We invite business to join our platform and are happy to explain dynamic pricing to you in person.


Platinum sponsors Flexcon 2022

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